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The municipality of Cantagallo, embraced by the mountains of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, rises in the picturesque valley of the Rio Ceppeta, near the sources of the Bisenzio river. This enchanting place represents a perfect starting point for exciting excursions in the Acquerino-Cantagallo Nature Reserve and in the Alto Carigiola – Monte delle Scalette Protected Natural Area of local interest. Here you can immerse yourself in uncontaminated landscapes and admire the beauty of nature in all its magnificence.

However, the beauties of Cantagallo are not limited to this. You cannot miss the enchanting Cerbaia Fortress, which stands majestically in a wild and uncontaminated natural environment. It is said that Dante Alighieri may have passed through here in 1285: fleeing from Florence, he may have sought refuge in this place, leaving behind a suggestive legend.

The seat of the Municipality is located in Luicciana, a charming village surrounded by greenery. Here, you can walk among contemporary works of art that embellish the village, creating an evocative open-air museum. Works by artists of the caliber of Italo Bolano, Salvatore Cipolla, Leonetto Tintori and many others integrate harmoniously with the unique atmosphere of Luicciana.

In the heart of the municipality of Cantagallo, in Usella, the Materia Museum represents an unmissable stop for lovers of culture and innovation. This space is dedicated to the art of dyeing and renewable energy, and offers a unique and engaging experience.

With its 94.93 km² and a warm population of just over 3,000 inhabitants, Cantagallo is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Its hamlets, each with its own peculiarity, contribute to creating a memorable experience: Carmignanello, Fossato, Gavigno, Gricigliana, Cantagallo, Il Fabbro, L'Acqua, Luicciana, Migliana, Cerbaia Fortress and Usella. Let yourself be enchanted by this treasure chest of beauty, where nature and culture come together in a unique union.


Surrounded by the mountains of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the municipality of Cantagallo offers numerous excursions in the wonderful Acquerino-Cantagallo Nature Reserve.