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High Carigiola and Scalette mountain

Located in the northern extremity of the province, the Carigiola area offers a mountain landscape of extreme and wild beauty. From the vertiginous slopes of Monte della Scoperta (1270 m) to the particular level conformation of some slopes, to the deep cavities of the gorges of the Carigiola stream, the mountain shows the effects of millennial transformation processes. In such an impervious environment, traces of human activity are rare and limited to small settlements in the Carigiola valley bottom, linked to the exploitation of river energy, with old hydraulic mills and modestly cultivated surfaces. The prevailing woodland cover is characterized by beech trees at higher altitudes, grazing and shrubberies lands, while at the lower altitudes the forest of harwood trees is interspersed with chestnut trees. The area is particularly rich in biodiversity as it houses rare species of amphibians, fish and crustaceans and rare species of trees in the Apennine area such as the rate and the lime.

Hiking itineraries in the protected area high Carigiola and Scalette mountain

Ring of Carigiola waterfalls

The departure is near the Tavoletta Tabernacle which offers spectacular views of the Carigiola torrent, of which it follows the course, passing from the Centrale and winding between vertiginous cliffs of sheer rock, waterfalls and pools of clear water, to then reach the CAI path n . 62 that closes the ring, arriving back at the Tabernacle. The presence of lush and very particular vegetation and rare amphibious species and fish make the trail of great naturalistic interest.
Journey time: 2 hours and 30 min
Difficulty: medium difficulty (in some stretches there are steep slopes)

Path of the ridge of the Carigiola valley

The trail runs along the Apennine ridge, CAI path n. 00, starting from the Alpe di Cavarzano and arriving at the Tabernacle of Gavigno, first crossing dense beech woods, and then proceeding along the bare profile of the Monte delle Scalette, where the altitude and the absence of obstacles bring the gaze unexpectedly beyond, giving panoramic views of extreme amplitude, typical of the high mountains.
Journey time: 2 hours
Difficulty: medium difficulty (in some stretches there are steep slopes)