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Villas of Montemurlo Discover the elegance of the Renaissance homes that tell the stories of Florentine families

Nestled at the foot of Mount Javello, the territory of Montemurlo is dotted with splendid villas and estates belonging to families of Florentine merchants since ancient times. Already starting from the 15th century, illustrious families such as Pucci, Baldi, Ridolfi, Gucci and Pazzi, just to name a few, invested their capital here. The social nobility of the owners explains the presence of such refined and imposing homes.

Among the most valuable villas, the following stand out: Villa del Barone, commissioned by Baccio Valori and which hosted illustrious figures including the Grand Dukes of Tuscany; Villa Strozzi, which belonged to the Strozzi family, to which Piero also belonged, protagonist of local history during the conspiracy of Florentine exiles against the power of Cosimo De' Medici. Today the villa hosts the agricultural company of the Marquis Pancrazi, producer of the famous Pinot Noir of Bagnolo; Villa Giamari initially belonged to the Villani family and subsequently passed to the Giamari, a rich merchant family of Armenian origin and Villa Pazzi al Parugiano, owned by the Pazzi family and today a prestigious location for events and weddings.

The Villas can only be visited on rare occasions with organized visits and by reservation, therefore it is possible to admire their splendid architecture only from the outside.