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Protected area of the Calvana Mountains

The calcareous massif of Calvana, with its very particular geomorphology of its rounded peaks that follow one another from the Apennine ridge to the plain between Prato and Florence, is one of the most interesting naturalistic and landscape features of the Prato area.
The landscape offers the suggestion of a typically Karst environment, rich in caves, dolinas and springs, well recognizable by the presence of extensive ridge prairies, which offer numerous panoramic spots of spectacular beauty and great ecological value so that the area has been designated site of preservation interest both at a Community and regional level. The torrents are populated by very rare amphibians such as salamanders and newts.
In the beautiful prairies there are very rare species of flowers such as narcissus and almost 60 different species of wild orchids.
In the beautiful green prairies with time the native "Calvana" bovine breed has been selected and it is not rare to see, grazing sheeps, pigs and wild horses.
The area offers also numerous evidences of the presence of man in ancient times, some of which are attributed to the Etruscan civilization.

Hiking itineraries in the protected area of ​​the Calvana Mountains

Bifolchi - Casa Bastone Path

A very pleasant and easily accessible route starting from Prato, not far from Chiesa dei Cappuccini, along the CAI path n. 24. Through woods of oak and hornbeam, as well as a grove of chestnut trees, which is a real rarity for southern Calvana, you reach Casa Bastone, an old farmhouse from which you can enjoy a panorama that sweeps over the entire plain of Prato. Near the house you can admire a monumental oak and an ancient stone cistern.
Journey Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Sofignano - Poggio dei Mandrioni Path

Path of great interest that climbs the Calvana starting from the Sofignano Parish Church, along the CAI path n. 46, crossing oak woods and dense shrublands dominated by brooms, hawthorns and blackthorns.
The CAI path 46b, which leads to the ridge of Poggio dei Mandrioni, faces a very beautiful and scenic trail, which crosses prairies from the beautiful spring bloom with a superb hawthorn, the so-called "Spina Vagliucci".
Journey Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: medium (all uphill route with over 400 m in altitude)

Montecuccoli - Monte Prataccio Path

Spectacular panoramic trail that runs largely along the northern Calvana ridge along the CAI path n. 20, starting from the San Michele Parish Church, near Montecuccoli. After crossing a short stretch inside the wood, you reach the ridge prairies, an environment of great beauty, where it is not rare to find grazing animals: beyond Monte Prataccio the path continues along the ridge, so it is possible to extend the walk at will.
Journey Time: 1 hour and 30 min
Difficulty: easy