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Bastion of the Gallows The fourteenth-century walls strengthened with bastions that tell stories of courage and passion

The Bastion of the Gallows, a name that evokes mystery and history, rises majestically as a guardian of the city; its centuries-old walls are evidence of a fascinating past. These ancient fourteenth-century fortifications, reinforced with imposing bastions in the sixteenth century, represent an impenetrable defense against external threats.

But behind its name, lies a fascinating tale that populates the mind with intertwined images and stories of heroes and victims. We cannot ignore its sinister reputation, as the Bastion was the site of capital executions. However, these thousand-year-old stones guard secrets and testimonies that speak to us of courage, passion and tradition.

The Bastion is much more than an imposing fortress: it is a silent witness of the past centuries, an integral part of the history of our city. Through its ancient stones, we relive the events that shaped Prato over time. Every nook and cranny tells a unique story, painting a thrilling portrait of our heritage.

How to reach the Bastion of the Gallows? Let yourself be transported into an enchanted atmosphere as you ride along the cycle path, along the banks of the Bisenzio river. Enjoy the spectacle of nature that surrounds you and follow the path of history. If you prefer a relaxing walk, follow a short route that starts from Piazza Mercatale and leads to the panoramic terrace of the Bastion. From here, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the river and charming villas dating back to the early twentieth century.


  • Via Arcivescovo Martini - Prato (PO)

  • Opening time: always open

  • Ticket: free entrance