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Prato Mortadella

Prato is famous for its special and tasty Mortadella, recognized with the PGI mark since February 2016 and a Slow Food presidium since 2000. This cured meat has an ancient origin and a unique production method, which involves the use of special cuts of meat pork, salt, garlic and a touch of alkermes liqueur. The spices used, such as cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg and cloves, together with the traditional techniques, give this Mortadella a clear reference to the medieval period.

The presence of Mortadella di Prato is documented in some texts dating back to 1733, when it was served as a local specialty during a lunch organized to celebrate the beatification of Sister Caterina de' Ricci in the Dominican monasteries of Prato. Over time, the reputation of Mortadella di Prato PGI has consolidated and spread throughout the area of Prato and neighboring municipalities. Thanks to its intrinsic quality and ability to be exported, Prato's "sausage makers" have gained appreciation since the 19th century, during the international exhibitions in London and Paris. This cured meat continues to conquer refined palates and is loved by renowned chefs, as well as being praised by numerous specialist publications in the sector.

Mortadella di Prato can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by the famous bread. For the most refined but simple palates, it is delicious combined with preferably of the dottato variety. In recent years, Prato Mortadella has made its entry into high-level cuisine thanks to the interesting culinary proposals skilfully prepared by famous chefs.