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Prato biscuits

Do you know Prato almond biscuits? If you have never tasted them you don't know their crumbliness, which is very different from all the other Tuscan cantucci. Prato biscuits have a unique flavor and have become the symbol of the city's food and wine tradition. Their origin is ancient and their exact date of birth is difficult to determine, but it is certain that the "bischotelli" with almonds were already present on the Medici tables and were donated and appreciated by the nobles of the time.

A specific reference to this dessert is found in an 18th century Prato manuscript, but it was Antonio Mattei in 1858, opening his homonymous biscuit factory which is still in business, who perfected the recipe and created the delicious almond biscuit. Thanks to his resourcefulness, the biscuit also became known and appreciated internationally, winning prizes at the world exhibitions in London in 1862 and Paris in 1867.

The original, secret, traditional and "stainless" recipe, of which the Mattei biscuit factory is the custodian, has remained unchanged for more than 150 years. The passion of the time, the love for artisanal products, the attention in the choice of ingredients and the care in production and wrapping - in the characteristic light blue bag, in homage to the Blue Savoy for the Unification of Italy - make this product recognizable and unmistakable. Intellectuals such as Hermann Hesse and Curzio Malaparte, stylists, artists (even Anna Magnani, when she passed through Florence, went specially to Prato to buy them), travellers... there are many admirers of this biscuit.

In addition to the ancient biscuit factory, other production and commercial activities were born which, with the recognition of the PGI mark, have come together in a Consortium for the protection and valorisation of the Prato biscuit. In fact, there are now numerous bakers and master pastry chefs who bake this wonderful sweet every day for the pleasure of adults and children. It is ancient advice to briefly dip the biscuits, one by one, before bringing them to your mouth, in a glass of Vinsanto, which is an indispensable accompaniment to this famous dessert from Prato.