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Wineries tour

Going for wineries, villas and farms can be a nice way to discover a territory and its history, a fascinating and interesting experience not only for the lovers of this matter, but also for those who want to appreciate and know the land in all its aspects.
The territory is rich in farms, some of which are historical, with beautiful cellars, with vineyards stretching for a few hectares and are family-run businesses and others that reach six to eighteen acres. There are also farms with specialized vineyards for at least thirty hectares and in some cases even eighty or one hundred, diversities that make the trip even more interesting.
Some of these farms bottle only one type of Carmignano, others instead have many more labels. In some, in addition to the wine you can buy oil and other local products and even stay overnight.
To visit the wineries we recommend to book in advance.

More info
Strada dei Vini di Carmignano e dei Sapori Tipici Pratesi
Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini di Carmignano

  • Az. Agricola Pratesi
    Via Rizzelli, 10 - 59011 Loc. Seano, Carmignano.
    Ph. 055.8704108, mob. 335.215070 
  • Immobiliare Castelvecchio Srl 
    Via delle Mannelle, 19 - 59011 Loc. Seano, Carmignano.
    Ph. 055.8705451
  • Fattoria Ambra 
    Via Lombarda, 85 - 59015 Loc. Comeana, Carmignano. 
    Ph. and fax 055.8719049
  • Fattoria di Artimino 
    V.le Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1 - 59015 Loc. Artimino, Carmignano. Ph. 055.8751424
  • Fattoria di Bacchereto 
    Via Fontemorana, 179 - 59015 Loc. Bacchereto, Carmignano. Ph.338.8739577
  • Podere Allocco 
    Via Capezzana, 19 - 59011 Loc. Seano, Carmignano.
    Ph. 0574.622462, mob. 333.9393027
  • Podere il Sassolo 
    Via di Citerna – 59015 Carmignano.
    Ph. 335.6230690
  • Podere Le Poggiarelle 
    Via Le Volte, 2 – 59011 Loc. Fontanaccio, Seano, Carmignano. Ph. 338.3931481
  • Tenuta di Capezzana 
    Via di Capezzana, 100 - 59011 Loc. Seano, Carmignano.
    Ph. 055.8706005
  • Tenuta La Borriana 
    Via  Arrendevole – 59015 Loc. Il Casino, Carmignano.
    Ph. 055.8710058
  • Tenuta Le Farnete 
    Via Macia - 59015 Loc. Comeana, Carmignano.
    Ph. 055.8719585, 0571/910078
  • Colline San Biagio 
    Via San Biagio, 6/8 - 59015 Loc. Bacchereto, Carmignano. 
    Ph. 055.8717143
  • Az. Agricola Piaggia 
    Via Cegoli, 47 - 59016 Loc. Poggetto, Poggio a Caiano.
    Ph. 055.8705401