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Searching for the best Tortello

The tortelli challenge

In the Bisenzio Valley inside each house there is a different recipe of tortelli. And everyone knows where to find "the best" (or maybe his favorite), among the various restaurants, clubs and feasts between Vaiano, Vernio and Cantagallo.
The tortello is, however, a good excuse to leave the city and go looking for fresh air in the valley in the summer, look for snow in winter or anyway for a nice meal with friends.
We are talking about an institution in the Valley: they differ from the Emilian tortellini as they do not have a bundle shape but they are square and have bigger dimensions. The filling of potatoes tortelli is very tasty and consists of boiled potatoes, parmesan cheese, nutmeg and salt (but there are many variations, as already mentioned).
The ideal sauces for potato tortelli are with meat (veal, wild boar, duck, rabbit, duck), truffle, porcini mushrooms from Bisenzio Valley, butter and sage.
There are many events - especially in the summer - scattered among the towns of Bisenzio Valley dedicated to the potatoes tortelli: to mention there are the "Tortello Games" in Vernio. The challenge tests seven teams of amateur chefs (coming from the various towns of the municipality), who compete with time trials on each step of the typical recipe of tortelli: from the dough, to the pastry, to the closing of tortelli until final dish. Judging is a jury composed of the three mayors, supported by a technical staff.