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A Prato February 2018
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Prato is
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Itineraries recommended

The ‘itineraries' section has been included for the purpose of helping all those visiting our province for the first time to discover it and thoroughly appreciate it for what it has to offer, not only as regards landscape, art, history and culture, but also for its fine products and its delicious cuisine.
We would also like to remind those who live here how rich this territory is in our history and culture, and how we must love and care for it to keep its beauty intact.
Since the suggested itineraries are only a part of what our territory can offer an attentive, unhurried visitor, we plan to enrich this section as time goes by and to keep it continuously updated. In the hope that our efforts will be appreciated by the public, we will be glad to receive any suggestions or advice from our readers.


Contemporary art itinerary

typology: contemporary art
Few territories in Italy and Europe can boast an important contemporary art heritage like Prato and ...

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Itinerary of Fortresses

typology: fortresses
This itinerary starts at Prato runs through the Bisenzio Valley, passes ...

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Medicean itinerary

typology: medici villas
Lorenzo il Magnifico,  Francesco the First and  the Grand duke Ferdinando, among the ...

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Taste itinerary: The Bisenzio Valley cuisine

typology: gastronomy
The Bisenzio Valley typical cuisine consists of fresh, dried and ground chestnuts, mushrooms, ...

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Taste itinerary: The bread of Prato

typology: gastronomy
Prato Bread needs no salt, and is the pride of our bakers. And you can be sure, if it isn't ...

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Taste itinerary: The Montalbano cuisine

typology: gastronomy
The Montalbano area around Carmignano is the land of the god Bacchus, where a special wine and a ...

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Taste itinerary: The Montemurlo cuisine

typology: gastronomy
The textile industry is today the main activity of the area but the population has rural ...

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Taste itinerary: The town cuisine

typology: gastronomy
It is not easy to describe the cuisine of Prato, with its peculiarities and nice variations it ...

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