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Prato is
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Typical dishes and products

Like all Tuscan cooking, Prato's cuisine is a simple one, based on traditions deriving from humble dishes in which the cooks tried to utilise every edible part of their ingredients so as to waste as little as possible. Among the most original local products are the mortadella of Prato and the figs of Carmignano. Delicious sweets abound, with curious anecdotes and histories not to be forgotten: Prato biscuits, "mantovana", "pesche", the "amaretti" of Carmignano, the "Carmignanini", the "zuccherini" of Vernio and the "sassi" (literally, stones) of Calvana. Not to speak of extra-virgin olive oil, to be sampled fresh on the typical bread of Prato - the "Bozza" - and the wines of the Carmignano area, famous and protected already since the time of the Medici, as well as the Pinot Nero of Bagnolo.

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Amaretti di Carmignano (Macaroons)

The original recipe dates from the late 19th century, and was invented by Giovanni Bellini from ...

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Arista arrosto (Roast pork)

This dish, considered very elegant, was often served to delight and impress guests at festive ...

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'Berlingozzo' is a Tuscan sweet of ancient origin. It was served on Carnival Thursday, a day known ...

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Biscotti di Prato (Prato biscuits)

These almond biscuits are the Prato delicacy best known the world over, and should be eaten ...

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Bozza pratese (Prato bread)

Prato Bread needs no salt, and is the pride of our bakers. And you can be sure, if it isn't ...

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Braciole di maiale con il cavolo nero (Pork chops with winter cabbage)

This was a dish that could not fail to be present at the "smigliacciata" dinner held by the farmers ...

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Characteristic biscuits produced at Carmignano, which contain locally grown dried figs and are ...

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Carne della Calvana (Calvana beef)

The cattle of Calvana lead us to discover the territory, distinguished by high peaks and broad ...

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Castagnaccio (Chestnut-meal cake)

For centuries the chestnut trees of the Bisenzio Valley have provided, with their chestnuts and ...

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Cavolo nero rifatto con le salsicce (Winter cabbage with sausage)

Up to a few years ago every family had a vegetable garden that, whether large or small, was always ...

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