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interactive map of Prato and its Province



A Prato February 2018
PDF February 2018 (1938 KB)


Prato is
PDF Guide (2860 KB)

Informative brochures

The informative material published by the Agenzia per il Turismo di Prato in PDF format is presented below. Click on the icon of the publication desired to download the guide.
To display and print the publications, you must have installed on your computer Acrobat ® Reader ® 4.0 or superior.
Professional operators have the chance to directly request brochures to be distributed to groups planning to visit the territory of the Province of Prato. Requests will be satisfied compatible with the current availability of the materials requested.
Requests may be made only by operators in the field of tourism, by APT and other tourist information bureaus, by e-mail addressed to: indicating the typologies and quantities requested.

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History, Art and Territory

this brochure lists information on the history, art and territory of the City and the Province of Prato

PDF Guide (5633 KB)


Brochure about the artistic heritage in Montemurlo.

Prato Menus

Brochure about traditional local cuisine.

PDF Guide (1500 KB)

Carmignano Territorio Divino

Brochure about the wine production in Carmignano.

PDF Guide (2848 KB)


Brochure about history and traditions in Carmignano.

PDF Guide (3291 KB)

The Vaiano Abbey in the Bisenzio Valley

Brochure about the history and architecture of the Vaiano Abbey.

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