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A Prato February 2018
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Prato is
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Bozza pratese (Prato bread)

Prato Bread needs no salt, and is the pride of our bakers. And you can be sure, if it isn't salt-free, it isn't Prato bread! This characteristic makes it versatile and easy to combine with different flavours. Already in the 16th century it was sold as a fine food in the stalls of the Florence market. It can be baked in different forms, but the queen of the daily table is the loaf called Bozza, which goes perfectly with all kinds of foods, and is used when stale for the salad called 'panzanella', for bread soup, for the thick tomato soup known as 'pappa con il pomodoro' and for other tasty dishes invented by the various communities in competition with one another.